Adhesive labels on paper…

…are the basics of our production. The most products on the shop shelfs are marked with this sort of labels. They ensure a long lasting storage of printed information, while being the cheapest and the most affordable way to single out your products.

The use of proper materials ensures us or the client the possibility, to print individual logistic data. According to the chosen material, blank labels can be covered in thermal transfer printers with wax, resin or mixed ribbons.

It is Your decision, if we use gloss, matt or semi-gloss materials. We will cover the prepared product with any type of lacquer (standard with UV or TTR lacquer).

Foil adhesive labels…

…are solution for most surfaces applied on packages, bottles, laminates etc. Foil adhesive labels are perfect to mark wares with transparent package. Printig the text, graphics or full images on a transparent or white foil is here the standard solution.

With the use of the proper glue, we can guarantee, that our labels are resistant to atmospherical conditions, chemical substances and their texture will be constantly smooth.

Variable printing…

…is an assurance, that your products are properly marked in the storehouse.

Our technology lets us reprint the required data on every type of label. We can also mark labels on the bottom surface – it’s a significant merit, appreciated by pharmaceuticals and postal office.

Variable printing gives you an opportunity of printing individual EAN, QR and other codes, as well as individual weight on each label.

Gold-coated labels

…is the best hallmark of your products. Almost every bottle of wine or beer is crafted with this elegant labels. Golden elements turns up to be usefull in cosmetic industry and PREMIUM grocery products.

Thank to our cooperation with best foil and paper producers we are able to select best kind, pattern, texture and shine of your gold ol silver foil. The adequate raw material used in production guarantees you an excellent presentation of your products on shelves.

Entry tickets…

…are essential. Sport and cultural events, plane, coach and ferry cruises – in all these places we are going to need a ticket.

We produce tickets of your choice. It’s also up to you whether we print individual data on each on of them.

Our company works on many different raw materials of all weight and width. Thanks to that we can combine an option that will meet your expectations.

Thermal labels…

…is a great and very simple way for quick i undemanding way of printing labels with your variable data. Thermal labels will be found in every situation, where the quality of label isn’t that important anymore – label usually is used for short time, put on high storehouse shelf, mostly in Logistics and grocery trade.

Thermal transfer ribbons…

…are essential when it comes to printing data on non-thermal labels. A thin wax-resin layer makes it possible to print the labels with any pattern, such as bar code, QR Code, tables and others.

Digital printing…

…will be the best option for low runs. Digital printing stands out with low costs of preparation – compared to flexography or typography, here you won’t need to buy expensive matrixes. Other important factors which describe digital printing are: material savings and multitasking.

Digital printing meets the expectations of our most demanding customers – it helps you see the best quality and attention to details.

Braille labels…

…are our specialty. Through screen printing we are able to prepare any project containing any convexity on the surface of label. Our production has been approved by clients, whose trade requires cartons to be adjusted for blind people.

Screen printing technology allows us to create any shape and colour of convexity dot. Distinguishing of your products has never been easier before.

„Open-close” labels…

…are just the thing you need, when your grocery products are to be opened repeatedly. Thanks to this technology your food stays fresh longer, and proper adhesive makes your labels last longer.

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